January 29, 2023

How are Flat Fees Calculated

How flat fees are calculated can be highly confusing, particularly in the real estate industry. A flat fee is a fixed amount paid by the seller to a real estate agency or that a real estate agent charges for their […]
January 29, 2023

What to Consider When Buying a Condo

Condominiums are one of the most popular housing options in Florida. They’re highlighted by enhanced safety and security features, far fewer repair or maintenance requirements, and can offer a wide variety of on-site amenities ranging from pools and saunas to […]
January 29, 2023
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Can a 3D Tour Help Sell My Home?

It’s a documented fact that 3D virtual tours are beneficial in selling a home. It’s one of the most powerful marketing tools that real estate agencies possess. Buyers are more likely to view a 3D listing than still images and […]
January 29, 2023

Different Types of Properties

There are many different types of properties and some can technically fit more than one category. Different classifications allow for different taxation rates and the creation of areas dedicated to specific activities. It also allows individuals to make home or […]
January 9, 2023

Know the difference before you borrow

  Both a home equity line of credit (HELOC), and a home equity loan (HELoan) allow you to borrow against the equity in your home—the difference between your home’s value and the amount you owe. Both serve as an alternative […]
January 2, 2023

What To Expect from the Housing Market in 2023

The 2022 housing market has been defined by two key things: inflation and rapidly rising mortgage rates. And in many ways, it’s put the market into a reset position. As the Federal Reserve (the Fed) made moves this year to […]
January 1, 2023
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Top Things to Prepare in Your Home When Selling

Sellers are often told to invest a significant amount of money into their home, just to prepare it for sale. While a remodeled kitchen, bathroom renovation or hardwood flooring will certainly improve the chances of a sale, homeowners must balance […]
January 1, 2023

Ways Realtors Get Paid

Real estate is a little-understood industry to most buyers and sellers. They worry about many things in regard to the transaction, from the price to who pays for the services of a real estate agent. In Florida, real estate agents […]
January 1, 2023

How to Determine a Buyer’s or Seller’s Market

Knowing the difference between a buyer’s market and a seller’s market is a key factor in whether individuals are trying to buy or sell a home. It will affect the number of available properties and the cost. Trends can be […]