The amenities and services that come with high-end communities, condos, and subdivisions
aren’t provided for free. The home spaces are governed by a Home Owners Association (HOA)
that charges a fee to cover the cost of upkeep on facilities that can range from fitness centers
and swimming pools to security systems, trash pick-up, lawn mowing and landscaping.
Fees Vary
HOA fees vary widely, based on amenities and services offered. Fees can also encompass
upkeep of residences, along with cable TV and internet service. The fees also cover the cost of
the HOA office and its personnel. Some HOA’s charge more than one fee.
Home hunters will find terms that include community development district (CDD) fees, along
with maintenance, HOA dues and HOA fees. Depending on the HOA, residents may be charged
on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
Read Carefully
Problems arise when potential residents don’t read or understand the contract they sign to
understand the amount charged, how often, what’s covered, and how the fees will change in
the future. Another potential problem is a real estate agent that doesn’t understand the fee
Clear the Confusion
The terms and language used in the agreement can be confusing. Don’t be afraid to ask about
the charges and obtain a fee schedule so you know exactly what you’re paying for, how often,
and what they cover. Each HOA is required to adhere to certain statutes in Florida and the
information is contained in the HOA’s governing documents. Each resident should be paying the
same amount, but multiple fees can be charged.
Choose Carefully
Living in an HOA isn’t for everyone. They provide a welcome break from mundane chores such
as mowing, but the fees may be more than the cost of accessing services if living in a traditional
apartment or single-family dwelling. Be aware that HO’

As with low fees typically offer few
services or amenities and individuals will pay out-of-pocket for items covered in a high-end HOA.

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