What are the Benefits of Using a Flat Fee Broker vs. a Traditional Agent?

There are various reasons to sell a home – whether relocating for a job, up or downsizing, or maybe the equity in your home is too good not to capitalize on. Making a profit might not always be why you’re selling a home, but one thing is for sure – no one wants to lose the equity they’ve built by paying outrageous commission fees. On average, you can save over $10,000 by selling your home for a flat fee. This cash can be used to make a down payment on a new home or maybe to take that dream vacation you’ve wanted to take for years.

To truly capitalize on the equity you’ve gained in your home, it’s essential to understand how much money you’ll be spending selling your house with a traditional agent vs. a flat fee broker like Camino Real Realty. With Camino Real Realty, we don’t charge a high 6% commission fee like most traditional brokers. We only charge one flat rate for you to sell your home. Because a conventional real estate transaction has a standard brokerage fee anywhere from 5% – 7%, the listing agent and the buyer’s agent typically split that commission fee. If a listing agent doesn’t offer the standard rate of 2.5% – 3% commission split, buyers’ agents might refer their clients to other properties, slowing down the process of selling your home.
The Bottom Line: SAVINGS! Flat Fee Listing Service with Camino Real Realty, LLC Starting at $5000 and You choose how much the buyer’s agent will receive: 2%, 2.5%, or 3%.

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