Real estate is a little-understood industry to most buyers and sellers. They worry about many things in regard to the transaction, from the price to who pays for the services of a real estate agent. In Florida, real estate agents are paid in one way, but there are multiple routes to selling a home.

Real Estate Agent

When people sell their home and enlist a real estate agent to market it, the seller pays the real estate agency a commission from the money they receive from the sale of their home. A portion goes to the real estate agent, with the lion’s share going to the realty agency for marketing costs.

The real estate agent takes care of all the details associated with selling a home from taking photos of the property, shares the listing with multiple real estate sites, conducts open houses, and handles all the legal documentation. They personalize the sale to potential buyers in multiple ways.

Discount Brokerage

Sellers typically use a discount brokerage if they don’t want to pay the fees of a real estate agency. Brokerage firms may offer a la carte services and sellers pay for the options they want. Others offer a very basic list of services, charge fees that are less than that of real estate agencies, or charge a flat fee, paid for by the seller. There are no personalization options.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

This is one of the least productive and time-consuming methods to sell a home. Sellers don’t pay a commission to a real estate agency and they retain a larger share of the selling price. Owners must perform all the marketing tasks themselves. Sellers will be responsible for setting an accurate price on the property, all marketing efforts, give showings, hold open houses, and negotiate with potential buyers. Sellers are responsible for all costs.

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