All real estate agents aren’t the same, nor do they offer the same range of services or experience. When speaking with an agent, there are several questions individuals should know to ask whether they’re buying or selling.

Licensing & References

Make sure the real estate agent is licensed in Florida and ask to see their current license to ensure it’s up to date. There are numerous real estate scams perpetrated every year. Don’t be reticent about asking for references.

Longevity and Volume

The real estate agency and the real estate agency should have been in business for a significant length of time and have a reasonable volume of sales – approximately 12 per year for each agent, but that number can be larger in today’s market. The real estate agent individuals are working with should have extensive experience, which is critical in presenting and selling a home.


Buyers and sellers need to know how the real estate agent will communicate with them and how often. It’s not unreasonable to expect the agent to provide updates every other week. Choose an agent that communicates within the client’s preferred method – phone or text.

Full or Part-Time

An agent who works full-time is going to devote more time to sellers and buyers than one who works in real estate part-time. Market dynamics can change quickly, and a part-time agent may miss trends and opportunities.

Start to Close Times

Any agent that takes 6 months or longer to sell a home or locate potential homes for buyers should be avoided. It can take time to buy or sell a home, but not that long, particularly in today’s market. Individuals need to ensure that they’ll be working directly with the agent they’re speaking with and they’re not going to be delegated to an assistant.

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