How flat fees are calculated can be highly confusing, particularly in the real estate industry. A flat fee is a fixed amount paid by the seller to a real estate agency or that a real estate agent charges for their services provided in selling a home. It’s not a percentage-based amount of the selling price.

The number of real estate agencies that are offering flat fee sales are increasing, making the buying and selling of properties easier, faster and more cost-efficient. In these transactions, the agency or agent charges sellers a single fee for marketing and handling the details for individuals that are selling their home.

It saves sellers thousands of dollars. The cost of listing, photographers, social media posting, communication with the seller, and the time required to perform all those services are included in the flat fee. Different agencies and agents will calculate those costs differently, depending on the services offered. An amount is also included in the flat fee that the agency or agent feels is an appropriate profit margin – that amount varies among agencies and agents.

Sellers should choose their flat fee agency or agent carefully – some charge the fee, but spend little time actually marketing or promoting the property.

There are things that sellers should pay attention to when fees are explained when working with a non-flat fee agency. An example is a real estate agent that tells clients they charge a flat fee of 5 percent commission. What they don’t bother to tell those clients is that the “flat fee” is based on the selling price of the home or business.

Others set a flat fee that really is a fixed charge and not dependent on the selling price of the property. Flat fee real estate transactions offer homeowners an alternative to traditional methods. It’s particularly beneficial for those that want or need to sell their property quickly.

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