Some home sellers can afford to wait a bit for their homes to sell, but others need a quick,
efficient and flawless sale. Homeowners may need to sell quickly for any number of reasons
encompassing military deployment, a new job, foreclosure, or a divorce. The home may need
repairs the owner can’t afford or it may be an unwanted inheritance. There are multiple
pathways to selling a home, each with benefits and disadvantages.
Know the Value
Homeowners need to know the value of their home before placing it on the market. Over
pricing a property will result in it staying on the market longer. Sellers will want to receive as
much as they can for their property and knowing its value will negate low-ball offers. Make sure
that the agency or agent is experienced in home sales and is licensed to operate in Florida.
As-Is Buyers
These are typically investment companies that have extensive funds and are willing to purchase
a home and perform any repairs or upgrades. It can be the most practical solution when owners
need to sell quickly. The disadvantage is that owners can lose a considerable amount of money
in the transaction.
Homeowners need to weigh the offer against expediency. As-is offers are typically 75 to 95
percent of the current market value. If the environment is a seller’s market, the difference in an
as-is sale and a traditional sale can dwindle substantially. As-is buyers don’t negotiate.
Buy Homes for Cash
A number of real estate agencies and investors purchase homes for cash. The offer won’t
typically be as lucrative as other avenues, but payments are quick.
Traditional Real Estate Agencies
A traditional agency or agent can’t guarantee a quick sale, but they do provide an array of
valuable services. Listings will be available to a wider range of potential buyers and they utilize
virtual tours that can be viewed 24/7. They can use staging, showings and open houses to
generate interest. Homeowners will pay commission fees, but traditional agencies can handle

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