Everyone wants their home to sell quickly when they place it on the market. There are a
number of actions homeowners can take to help sell their homes and make the property more
attractive to potential buyers. It’s important to know that buyers make a decision on a home
within the first 15 seconds of entering a home.
Choose a Real Estate Company
Buying and selling real estate is a mystery to most people and can be a complicated process.
Few feel confident in a for-sale-by-owner approach. Individuals can choose to work with a
traditional real estate agency that employs showings, staging, open houses, and even virtual
Be sure the real estate agent is experienced in home sales. Sellers also need to know the value
of their home and not set the price too high. It may be worth it to some buyers to take a few
thousand less for their property to facilitate a faster sale.
A thorough top-to-bottom cleaning is essential for selling a home. Pay special attention to
floors, kitchen countertops, windows, and bathrooms. Other areas that need special attention
are closets, shelving and appliances. Don’t forget the garage and basement.
Clutter and Depersonalization
Pack away mementoes, keepsakes, photos, collections, tapestries, and other items that identify
the home as belonging to the seller. It enables potential buyers to visualize their own
possessions in the space. Fill in any holes in walls where personal items were hanging. Remove
any excess furniture or rugs, and clear closets. Consider renting a unit to store personal items
and furnishings.
Natural Lighting
Open curtains and blinds to take advantage of natural light to create a bright and airy
environment. If natural lighting is in short supply, use strategically placed lamps and turn on
overhead lights. Ensure windows are clean and streak free.
Take Care of the Exterior
Use a power washer to clean steps, walkways, patios and pool environments. Remove debris
from the yard such as dead leaves, have trees trimmed, tidy flower beds, and make the
entrance look welcoming.


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