Why we do what we do:

Our Mission

It provides a new way to sell and buy real estate that always benefits the customer.

Our Vision

By the year 2025, we are on a mission to save money for thousands of local families, Millions of dollars of THEIR equity by making homeownership easy, efficient, and enjoyable. CRR is a corporation for profit and purpose.

The Purpose

It is to help every one of our customers achieve their homeownership goals and, that way, improve their lives.

Our Values

We share our knowledge and experience with you; we educate and empower you to make your best decisions confidently. We believe that our business grows in proportion to the value we provide to others.


Grateful for the opportunity, for your trust, and for your time

Integrity & Trust

We are Honest and completely transparent; we do what is right and what we say you’ll do.


We genuinely care, live up to it, and are accountable for our actions.


We work hard to offer the highest quality; we strive for excellence, and our goal is to create outstanding service.


Choose to love boldly and forgive freely.


We facilitate the success of others.