If you’ve made the decision to sell your home, the best and easiest way to ready it for sale is to
contact a reputable real estate agency that buys homes as-is for a flat fee. You don’t have to
stage the home, declutter, hold showings, or perform costly repairs. However, if you’re selling a
home the traditional way, there are things you’ll need to do to get it ready.
You’ll want to perform a complete and thorough cleaning of your home, paying particular
attention to areas that will be important to buyers and tend to collect dust and cobwebs. Make
sure mirrors and windows are clean and free of streaks. Wood floors are a plus, especially if
they’re clean and shiny, along with baseboards.
It’s easier for potential buyers to see their own possessions in your home if they’re not viewing
your own memories and milestones. Remove clutter such as photos, collections and knick-
knacks. As you declutter, pack them away in anticipation of your relocation. Don’t store them in
closets if at all possible. It can be helpful to rent a storage space where they’ll be kept clean, dry
and out of the way.
It’s an inescapable fact of life – homes collect odors and you become accustomed to them over
time. They arise from various sources ranging from cooking and trash cans to bedding and pets.
Front load washers are also offenders, along with garbage disposals, dishwashers, bathrooms,
and even new furniture. It’s a good idea to hide cat litter boxes and indoor dog pee pads, and
wash pet beds. Clean the carpet and use air fresheners before a showing.
Outdoor Spaces
Outdoor spaces where family and friends can gather are important selling points to buyers.
That includes areas such as pools and patios. If you have an outdoor kitchen, take pains to
ensure it’s clean and in excellent working order. Tidy pool areas and flower beds. It’s also a
good idea to pressure hose all outdoor concrete areas to remove debris.


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