One of the factors that people consider when selling their home is the dollar amount of the commission they’ll have to pay their real estate agent. That fee, typically 6 percent, can take a significant bite out of what homeowners receive when the sale is finalized, even in the current market. Individuals can now choose between commission real estate or flat fee real estate.

Real estate agents provide a wide range of services, from photographing the property and writing appealing descriptions to negotiating prices with potential buyers. They help close the sale and are cognizant of all the different legal forms required. Those services can be costly.

Commission Real Estate

In commission real estate, an agent receives a percentage of a home’s selling price, which can amount to thousands of dollars. Many commission-based agencies point to the services they provide to justify the huge fees. Commission real estate agents may be more motivated to close a sale and obtain a better price

The agent may use a virtual walkthrough to give potential buyers a view of the home. Even with modern technology, one of the standard methods that commission real estate agents still use is a personal showing for potential buyers.

Flat Fee Real Estate

With flat fee real estate, the seller pays their real estate agent a single flat fee for selling their property. There are no other fees or charges. The amount that the home ultimately sells for has no influence on the agent’s commission. Homeowners know exactly how much they’ll be paying the agent up front.

Reputable flat fee agents provide the same services that commission-based agents do. They have advanced technology, specialized software and efficient marketing strategies that saves sellers money. However, not all flat fee agents provide the same level of service. The seller may be asked to perform tasks that are normally done by the agent.

While a flat fee agent may employ personal showings, they’ll typically try to keep them to a minimum. The agent understands how inconvenient and disrupting showings can be to the owner. Flat fee real estate agents can help sellers keep more of the money when their home sells.

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