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Flat Fee Real Estate Agency Coconut Creek

Flat Fee Real Estate Agency Coconut Creek

Camino Real Realty is Coconut Creeks Premier Flat Fee Real Estate Agency. Camino Real Realty has been providing Flat Fee Real Estate Services to Coconut Creeks residents for Years! Whether you’re buying or selling we’ll provide you with personalized guidance specific to your individual needs all while saving you thousands in the process!

Finally a common-sense approach to selling your Coconut Creek real estate

Home sellers can capture tremendous cost savings by understanding just a small amount of how real estate works (such as knowing they can list on the MLS for a flat fee.)

We strive to earn our customer’s trust by committing to save them thousands of dollars in real estate commissions and by providing outstanding service.


flat fee real estate agency coconut creek

Flat Fee…The New Way to Buy & Sell Real Estate in Coconut Creek, Florida

CRR saves you thousands in commissions while making the home sell/purchase process easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Ready to list your house for a Flat Fee...

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    Even More Reasons To Love CRR

    #1 Our goal is to save thousands to homeowners as a flat fee real estate agency Coconut Creek. A company that drastically reduces cost and improves your return potential so you can build your net worth. We believe that paying a commission % for listing your home is outdated. Real Estate commissions pre date the internet and the internet has completely changed how people buy and sell homes. We felt it was time for a change. CRR is a Real Estate Company that saves you thousands when you buy or sell a home. Instead of charging high commissions for a home sale, we offer a low flat fee. This saves our clients thousands. All this so you can keep more equity.
    Agents have a very important role in the Real Estate Industry. We believe in the incredible value agents can add to clients, and we have had the privilege to know some of the best and call many our friends. But it’s important to understand that technology has dramatically changed the job description of an agent over the past 10 years. Technology has made our work much easier, much faster, and much cheaper. We believe agents now have an opportunity to add additional value to our customers by passing the cost savings down to them. Creating more value for clients is the only way for agents to stay relevant long term, and it’s imperative we stay relevant.
    We felt it was time for a change; so CRR is set out to reinvent real estate in favor of the customer. CRR is a flat fee service Real Estate Company that drastically reduces your cost and improves your return potential so you can build your net worth.

    CRR was created with a simple belief, that modern technology combined with a team approach to real estate could dramatically save time, reduce cost, and make the entire client experience better. We’ve streamlined the real estate process to eliminate fees, unnecessary steps, and time-wasting activities.

    At CRR, we not only make your homeownership journey easy, efficient, and enjoyable, but you also save thousands of dollars. Isn’t it time to only pay for what you get, rather than overfunding an agent’s lifestyle business? We have a sense of responsibility to help homeowners keep more of THEIR money. After all, it’s your equity NOT our commission. At CRR, we measure our success based on what we save clients, not what we take from them.

    Save Even More Money!

    Let CRR handle your selling AND buying to get an even bigger discount.

    Take advantage of our Sell-Buy Bundle when you’re ready to make your next move. You will not only save thousands by avoiding sales commissions, but you’ll also save thousands more with our Buyer’s Closing Cost Credit.


    flat fee real estate agency Coconut Creek Our sell/buy bundle can save you up to an additional $3000

    Upfront pricing.
    Buy only what you want.
    No hidden fees.

    Shouldn’t everything be this simple?

    Contact Tamara Aristy Licensed Real Estate Broker/Owner today for a free consultation: 954-213-5310

    Let's Start Saving Money!

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