The news and internet are being inundated with news about flat fee real estate, but few know what it is or how it works. It’s a new approach to real estate sales in which the real estate agent charges a flat fee for their services, instead of a standard commission that’s based on the final sale price of the home.

Flat Fee Real Estate 101

The Flat-fee model provides homeowners with the opportunity to maintain their equity, sell quickly and more efficiently, and save thousands on commission fees. The traditional model of commission fees has been standard practice for more than 50 years and real estate agents are currently charging a 6 percent commission.

The problem with the traditional approach is that it doesn’t require any more time or effort to sell a $30,000 house than it does a $300,000 home. Using the flat fee example, homeowners pay the real estate agent a single flat fee for the full range of their services.

The internet has changed the way that people list their homes and buyers seek properties to purchase. Flat fee real estate is a no-pressure method that utilizes advanced technology and more efficient marketing strategies that saves sellers time and money. Those methods also provide greater exposure of homes to potential buyers and eliminates the inconvenience of multiple showings.

Homeowners receive all the same premium services as they would when selling using traditional methods. Images of the home and descriptions appear online, and the flat fee agency partners with reputable providers for inspections, insurance, financing, title etc. In other words all the same benefits as usual except the high commission price tag.

Naturally, homeowners should ensure they’re working with a reputable flat fee realtor. There are some agencies and independent operators that will always have different expectations, for example, some expect clients to provide their own photos and do little more than post them online. It’s essential that homeowners understand these terms of the agreement, how long the listing will be available, and the agency’s responsibilities. It pays to do your homework regardless, consult reviews, and talk with the flat fee provider in person.

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