Factoring Schools into Your Home Buying Decision
Every parent wants their child to receive the best education possible. The state of the local
school system is a key factor that figures largely in any home buying decision whether you have
children or are planning to start a family in the future.
Defining Quality
Well-funded school systems are able to hire top teachers, supply books, have more sports
programs, and produce better test scores. They’re also defined by having accelerated learning
programs, are invested in art and music programs, and have a wide range of before- and after-
school programs.
Superior real estate agents will be able to supply information about local schools. The data is
also available online and potential buyers are encouraged to research the information for
themselves. Schools may be physically located in one county or district, but children may
actually be required to attend in a different district entirely.
Schools in affluent neighborhoods typically have a lower crime rate. Your home’s proximity to
the school will be a point of consideration, depending on the age of the child. Children may be
walking or riding a bus to school, but you may be responsible for driving them to school and
picking them up.
The quality of schools has become so important to buyers that they’re often willing to forego
specific features in favor of a home in a specific school district. Some of those features include
outdoor living spaces, large backyards, garages, and luxury kitchens. Some home buying
decisions are predicated on a family’s belief system or access to local amenities such as gyms
and childcare centers.
Potential home buyers need to know that high quality schools also come with a price. Home
prices are, on average, 2 times more expensive in school districts with high-performing
academic and sports ratings. Your property taxes will be higher to support those schools. The
trade off in many instances is that homes in highly-desired school districts tend to be 1.5
percent larger.

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