The term curb appeal is more than a suggestion. It refers to how a potential buyer perceives your home when they approach it. Landscaping is something that’s often overlooked in the desire to sell a home, but owners must see the home from a buyer’s perspective. Simple landscaping strategies can significantly improve your home’s marketability.


Nothing offers a welcome like bright and cheerful flowers. If you already have flower beds, make sure they’re free of dead plants and debris. Flowers are especially effective at the entrance to the home. If you don’t have enough room for expansive beds, use containers to liven up the landscape. They can be placed on a doorstep, on patios and decks, and around pool areas if you have one.

Decks, Porches & Pergolas

Make sure there are no loose or damaged boards on decks, porches or pergolas and consider painting or staining the structures to look like new.

Patios, Driveways & Walkways

This is a good time to buy or rent a pressure washer for patios, driveways, walkways, statuary, and similar features. It will remove dirt, grime and algae.

Irrigation System

If you have an irrigation system, be aware that it’s an important selling point for your home. Potential buyers will appreciate that they can keep their lawn lush and green, along with the reduction in work and savings on water bills. Make sure that it’s in optimal repair and working order.

Landscape Debris

Trim trees and bushes where necessary and be sure to remove all vegetative debris. That includes dead leaves, acorns and other types of seeds or fruits that may be on the lawn. Don’t forget to keep the sidewalk clean of debris.

Firepit & Outdoor Kitchen

Firepits and outdoor kitchens are popular additions to back yards. A firepit provides a cozy gathering place for family and friends. Depending on the type of firepit that may be installed, it can provide an average of 67 percent return on investment. For those that have treated themselves to an outdoor kitchen, ensure that it’s clean, sanitary, and all elements are operating optimally.

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