There are different types of real estate agents and connecting with one cognizant of the type of property an individual is seeking is vitally important. There are also times when buyers or sellers need the services of a real estate agent that specializes in a specific type of property or market. The National Association of Realtors© encompasses multiple types of real estate agents and lists the following types of designations and certifications.

Seller Representative Specialist

These real estate agents have the knowledge, training and skill set to represent sellers. They’ve learned the different methods, strategies and techniques to help residential sellers for increased marketing power.

Accredited Buyer Representative

A real estate agent with this designation is adept at identifying the unique needs of buyers. They can negotiate offers from buyers and bring real estate transactions to a successful conclusion.

Certified Residential Specialist

This is the highest credentialing that can be earned by a residential real estate agent. It has the potential to increase a real estate agent’s number of transactions and earnings. They have an elevated level of training and experience.

Green Designation

Those with a green designation understand how green properties are marketed differently than traditional properties. Their expertise encompasses energy efficiency and sustainability features.

Senior Real Estate Specialist

Real estate agents in this specialty sell homes in age-restricted communities. They assist seniors in preparing for multiple types of life-changing issues related to real estate, ranging from retirement and pensions to loan fraud.


A real estate agent can receive additional training, pass state licensure requirements, and become a broker. This allows individuals to open their own brokerage firm and manage sales agents. Brokers have a greater level of knowledge and experience. Real estate agents turn to brokers when complicated and complex questions or legal issues arise. They receive a percentage of the commission earned by their real estate agents.

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