It’s a documented fact that 3D virtual tours are beneficial in selling a home. It’s one of the most powerful marketing tools that real estate agencies possess. Buyers are more likely to view a 3D listing than still images and the tours result in more inquiries.

Time to Explore

The virtual tours allow buyers to explore a home’s interior – room by room – at their leisure. They can take time to discover a home without the pressure of a real estate agent being on-site with them. Individuals are free to discuss pros and cons without worrying about an agent overhearing. The tour can be viewed as many times as a buyer wants.

Diverse Buyers

The tours are more engaging and attract a more diverse range of potential buyers. The video tours can be accessed online by anyone in any part of the globe.

Less Stress

A 3D tour enables potential buyers to see the entirety of the home. There are no showings that are extremely stressful for sellers. It provides the equivalent of a 24/7 open house. It’s convenient for buyers, who don’t have to make special arrangements to attend an open house, drive long distances, or sacrifice time with family and friends.


The technology enables potential buyers to move around inside the home’s representation as if they were performing on on-site inspection, similar to a video game. A 3D tour also demonstrates to buyers and sellers that an agency is tech-friendly and modern.


Many homes have selling points that are best experienced by being seen and a 3D tour accomplishes that. Some of those are swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, walk-in closets and pantries, porches and patios, fenced in yards, and children’s play areas.


Exploring a home via a 3D video aids in creating a sense of ownership by those that view it. Potential buyers can picture how their own possessions will look in any room.

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