People may hire a specific real estate agency for any number of reasons. The agency may have been recommended by family or friends, be known for obtaining better prices, or maintain a good reputation locally. Before hiring any real estate agency, there are 6 questions you need to ask.

Purchasing a house is a significant investment and it may be your address for several decades. The right real estate agency can make a huge difference in the success of your buying experience. Always ensure the agency’s professionals are licensed, that the license is current, and ask for references you can contact. Check their online reviews.

Length of Time as an Agent

A newly fledged real estate agent may be very effective, but you’re still going to want an agency with experienced professionals. They’ll be able to anticipate potential problems, have multiple strategies, excellent negotiating skills, and relationships with other professionals that can be beneficial. The average agent has been working in the industry for 8 years.

Number of Homes Sold

An experienced real estate agent represents approximately 12 buyers and/or sellers each year. Handling a sale from start to finish takes time and agents that claim far more sales may be a sign that the agent is rushing through the process or cutting corners.

Full or Part Time Selling

Agents that work full-time are better equipped to serve your needs and devote time to you than someone who works in real estate as a side job.

Buyers or Sellers

Many agents specialize in working with either buyers or sellers. However, agents that work with both buyers and sellers can provide additional insight into the entire process.

Current Clients

Real estate agents can only handle so many clients at once. An agent that’s juggling too many clients may not have adequate time to devote to your needs. Conversely, too few clients may be a red flag.


The time it takes to find a home and close the deal depends on the market and what a buyer is seeking. It’s a good idea to determine if the agent has sold homes similar to what you want or in the area where you hope to buy. Agents that work with clients more than 6 months may not be your best option.

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